360 Degree Stereo Sound Amplifier- Available in 4 Colors
Perfect for hunting, hearing aids, spy, law enforcement, wildlife observation, militia, surveillance and spying, television, church going, etc. For hunting, the Action Ear Sport gives you advanced warning of approaching game so you can be ready for that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Hear sounds up to 100 yards away. Sounds are amplified by 40 decibels, giving you incredible sensitivity for distant sounds (like a turkey gobble), or faint sounds (like a twig snapping). Its unique collar-level tension band and velcro head strap keep the Action Ear Sport in place, even when running. Listen in comfort with full size sculpted air/foam ear cushions. Operates on 4 "AAA" batteries (not included) for 30 hours of continuous use.


Stereo sound provides 360 degree awareness of sounds' direction.
Independent volume controls allows you to adjust for hearing differences on each ear.
Output jack allows you to record what you hear.
Input jack allows you to listen to a radio while monitoring sounds.
Two power settings protects you from loud sounds: LMT = loud sounds are heard at 70 decibels while soft sounds are continuously being amplified so every sound is heard. MAX = an automatic shut-off circuit shuts off sounds over 95 decibels.
Folds flat for easy storage and weighs just 17.1 ounces.
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$ 140




Action Ear Sport Features


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"I recently had a chance to try out a pair of your Action Ears during the annual firearms qualification training for Washington State Officers. I was impressed and I don't impress very easily."
T.L.K., Bellview, WA

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