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Law Enforcement

Special Response and SWAT Teams: Useful for hostage situations and negotiation.
Search and Rescue: When faint sound amplification is a matter of life and death.
Drug Enforcement: Using a listening device to eavesdrop on a conversation between a suspect and an undercover officer in the course of a drug investigation.

Private Investigators

Gathering Evidence: Extremely helpful when using devices equipped with a recording jack.
Small Size Listening Devices makes it possible for the undercover agent or investigator to work without invoking suspicion.

Wildlife Observation

Recognition of Bird Vocalizations is an important part of a birder's toolkit. Sound information can assist in the locating, watching, identification and sexing of birds. It is now possible to take a recording of every birdcall you are likely to encounter in a given area out into the field.
Detect Animal Sounds and Movements: Hear mere movements in the woods at incredible distances for nature observation or photography.

Hunters and Sportsmen

Amplify Ambient Sounds: With amplification, you'll be able to pick up game approaching quicker and setup for the best shot possible before it reaches your position.
Detect Animal Sounds and Movements: Used by hunters across the world looking for better awareness while enjoying their sport.

Hearing Loss

Small Amplification Devices are perfect for students, elderly, or anyone needing better sound amplification.
Hear Better in large group gatherings such as lectures, classes and seminars without fear of missing any information being given.
Have More Effective Conversations in person or while on the phone. Understand what's being communicated while watching television or listening to the radio.

Personal Security

Small Amplification Devices are sometimes essential for personal security. Ideal when hiking or jogging in unfamilar areas.
Elderly and other persons will have a better sense of security when they're home alone.


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