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Multi Purpose Personal Sound Amplifier and Headset
Excellent for television watching, church going, doctor's offices, lectures, worship services, theater, birdwatching, spy, seminars, meetings, personal security, spying, jogging, camping, hunting, etc., and so much more. Our Personal Pocket Amplifier is a compact and portable listening device equipped with a 3-band equalizer. Designed for anyone needing better sound amplification. Use it as a listening device around the house or any place enhanced sound is needed. Should an extremely loud sound occur, the volume level is automatically reduced to a safe 85dB level preventing damage to the users ears.


3 Band equilizer allows focusing on specific sounds while eliminating background noises
Compact and portable - allows you to take and use the device anywhere
Auxiliary MP3 input provided allows any music device to be played through external speakers
Perfect for television, surveillance, seminars, meetings, personal security, and much more
Powered by 2 "AAA" batteries (not included)
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$ 59


Bionic Ear and Booster Features


A) Equalizer - Bass, Mid-Range and Treble
B) 3.5mm Stereo Jack - for headphone / speaker / personal listening device (MP3)
C) Balance - This allows even sound level for each ear, providing a symmetrical listening level
D) Power - A simple two-position slide switch enables the amplifier
E) Volume - Allows for easy audio adjustment of program source
F) Belt Clip
G) Batteries - 2 "AAA" batteries (not included)



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