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"I just wanted to drop you a line about your Game Camera System. I got mine in Nov. of 2002. I have had it out almost every day since then and have taken hundreds of pictures of deer and other animals in the area where I hunt. The camera has been subjected to heavy rain, snow, and subzero temperatures down to about -5 for over a week at a time. The camera has performed without a single problem. Thank you for a great camera at a great price." — Rick, Bowie, Md. (Photo on left)

"I bought a set of your Action Ears and am very satisfied with their performance. Suffering from hearing loss (nerve deafness) in both ears, I found they perform better than my $1,200 hearing aid. Your Action Ear Sport works great on the shooting range, where I instruct each fall for SIGHT IN clinics. They also work great for me in the field, shutting down when shooting. Yes they are a little bulky, but when you have a hearing loss, they are a GOD SEND. I can hear human voices CLEARLY form the other shooting benches." — Robert M., Jefferson, WI

"I am 77 yrs of age, I have gotten well over 50 turkeys - thanks to your Bionic Ears (without Booster) and Action Ear Sport. I have arrowed many whitetails, 'cause I heard them coming in from the sides or rear - wouldn't think of hunting without one of them. I prefer the Scout-its lighter and less bulky, my boys do too. You see, I am fairly deaf, but you know what? Most hunters over 50 or so have a hearing loss and are unaware of it or are too proud to admit that they need help!." — Bud T., St. Louis, MO (Pictured on left)

"I purchased a set of Action Ears in 1989. They are in my opinion a great product. I have been the envy of everyone on all our moose & deer hunting trips. The next year I purchased another set at the request of my father for him. He loves them, he's 73 this year.." — Robert S., Ontario, Canada

"I'm no good at typing, but my husband just got his Action Ears today. He wants to thank you for shipping these to him. He has hearing aids, but couldn't hear with them. He can hear really well with the Action Ears. We took a long time to search this business to get these and have been looking forward to getting them. He said he can also hear on the phone and would recommend them to people who can't hear. He is deaf in one ear. These have turned his world around where he is able to hold a conversation and help me to communicate with him. It has made us happy. Thank you for this device. WE are very thankful" — Susie H, USA

"I am just coming from KAZAKSTAN, where I was hunting. I have shot a very good elk and I have used the Action Ear Sport to hear better their trotting, it was too fun."
Jean-Marc, France

"I bought a set of your Action Ears for hunting. This unit works so good. I am also a deputy sheriff and I keep the Action Ears in my patrol unit in case I ever need them. They already aided in the arrest and conviction of two drug runners in the area." — Deputy Fred, Florida

"I have a moderate to severe hearing loss (age 68 now) and am very frustrated by the hearing aids available. I just bought a $1,100 hearing aid and it's terrible! The ear plug annoys me - can't wear it more than 2 hours. It has constant background noise, batteries are short-lived and expensive, no volume control on it, picks up water faucet noise, crackling paper noises, etc., far too well. Has excessive distraction. Your "Bionic Ear Scout" works better than the hearing aid!" — Richard B., Ruther Glen, VA

"I run beagles just for pleasure, without my Action Ears I can not hear my dogs or any of the birds in the woods. It means everything to me." — Earl S., Fairland, IN

"Enclosed is a photo of a beautiful Ohio whitetail I took this past fall. It was a damp morning as I approached my stand in early November. Since I was hunting thick brush in addition to my bow, I also brought along my new Action Ear. Thanks to my new Action Ear, I was able to hear this buck coming and had more than enough time to prepare for the shot. Thanks for a great product, and I can not wait to take it along on my spring turkey hunting trips." — Donald V., Salon, OH (Pictured on left)

"Our editorial staff took part in waterfowl's hunt from April 22-30. As for me, the main task was to perform more comprehensive tests for Mach I. Mach I helps to recognize flying ducks or woodcock well before they become visible. Built in equalizer helps filter noises. I was very pleased to use this great device. Now after many tests, we can say it's very helpful for hunters." — Iourie A., Field Editor, The Gun Russian Magazine

"Until I purchased your product, the commands and beepers used in IPSC shooting were impossible to hear with ear cups on. Then I showed up at the range with your product, and of course the first response was, they're too big. At that point I would let the commentor try them on with the volume set completely off and would proceed to adjust one ear at a time up in volume. One man claimed he could hear his heat beat, the next would not go after his fired brass due to bees in the tall grass, because he could hear them, but had not seen a bee. The directional pick up amazes almost every person that puts them on. Needless to say, comments halted, and two pair of your newer models are on the range. They also are a bird watchers delight, even my tree year old granddaughter goes bonkers when she can hear the Canadian geese as the fly over the lake. This was an added excitement to her life of feeding the goslings. All in all, these are a super product, and it is hard to understand why they are not all over the ranges. The newer model is in my plans. Even hobbies have to be budgeted." — Dwight G, Minneapolis, MN

"I purchased your newest unit two weeks before the end of our turkey season here in Alabama. During my first hunt with them, I could hear approaching turkeys and turkey talk that I had never been able to hear before. Before using your system I had to rely on sight rather than sound, and that's not good when hunting. Just thought I would let you know that your amplifiers helped me immensely. I think they will be a big help during next year's deer season. I'm 65 and have severe hearing loss so I needed a tool like this. I've been very impressed with the performance and thought they were well priced." — Billy E., Tuscumbia, AL

"I have deer dogs mostly. I run them during deer season but I also run them at least once a week during the off season. I was looking for something so I could hear them without trying to drive around to listen. I saw your ad on TV so I found someone with a pair and used them to see if I wanted to buy a pair. I was so impressed that I received a pair as an early Christmas present. I can sit at my house by an outside fire and listen to them about a mile away. You should include in your ads that people who use dogs to chase game to consider Action Ear. There are a lot of people who deer hunt, fox hunt, coon hunt, coyote hunt in this area that could be interested. Also turkey hunters." — Bill G., Monticello, AR

"To Whom it my concern; I would like to thank your company and personnel for the outstanding service you have provided me, when my Game Camera was damaged by my deer. I would like to share with you one of my pictures that was taken with this camera. I'm sure it would win the photo contest of one of your competitors, but they will not let me enter because it was not their camera that took the picture, it was your Remote Game Camera System. Again, thank you." — Bert W., USA (Pictured on left)

"I have really enjoyed using my Action Ears during various shooting and sports events, especially when working the trap and skeet fields at our local club and using the 5-stand and sporting clays facilities. I find myself at a great loss without them and can't imagine not using them. Thank you very much for a great device." — George P., Bethel, CT

"I got the Bionic Ear for turkey hunting. I bagged 2 turkeys: 25 1/4 and 20 1/2. They work great. I really like them." — John N., Marietta, IL

"I recently had a chance to try out a pair of your Action Ears during the annual firearms qualification training for Washington State Officers. I was impressed and I don't impress easily. Please send me a catalog with technical information and pricing." — T.L.K., Bellview, WA

"I recently purchased the Bionic Ear and I am mostly delighted with the product. I was en route for a week of deer hunting and having a slight hearing loss from loud noises decided to treat myself to a new toy. Your product proved to be quite sensitive. Falling leaves striking the forest floor sounded like an audio close-up of crashing potato chips. High flying jets, nothing but a speck in front of a vapor trail were clearly audible as if they were quite close instead of 8-10+ miles away. A woodpecker several hundred feet away sounded like someone pounding a board with a hammer, while I was leaning on the board. Attenuation while standing next to a man firing his rifle was surprisingly good. I expected much more direct sound contact even though the "ears" shut off at the crack. All I think I perceived was a muffled "whoomp" and then the echo of the shots." — Jim S., USA

"The purpose of this letter is to thank you for the Bionic Ear and Booster because I am a student of biology and last year the professor gave an assignment to all the class to observe different species of "COQUI", which are a very small frog. There are 16 species of COQUI (Eleutherodactyluportoricensis). The one that I was assigned to was the Eleutherodactylus cochranae, which is the smaller one and measures less than 2 centimeters long. If it wasn't for the Bionic Ear and Booster I never would have been able to complete the assignment, especially because I did the assignment in "EL YUNQUE" which is the biggest forest in the Caribbean. By the way, the professor gave me an "A" for the assignment. Thank you once again.." — Robert O., Puerto Rico

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